Ohio and Michigan Workers’ Compensation Law

Ohio and Michigan workers’ compensation law firm Wilhelms Law, LLC focuses on a number of legal issues including workplace safety policies and procedures, VSSRs, intentional torts, retaliatory discharge, issues related to self-insured employers, state fund employers and workers’ compensation fraud. Ohio and Michigan workers’ compensation law is a complicated field involving administrative proceedings, appellate procedures and litigation in a number of different venues.

Your legal representative’s degree of experience and authority are key to achieving affirmative resolution. The ever-changing nature of workers’ compensation litigation demands both a keen historical and future-predictive understanding of workers’ compensation law. Our extensive experience in this field allows us to build lasting relationships with our clients, to represent their interests wholly, aggressively and favorably.

Wilhelms Law, LLC is located near Toledo, Ohio and represents employers throughout the states of Ohio and Michigan. Let’s talk about your employer’s specific workers’ compensation needs; call or email Wilhelms Law, LLC to schedule a meeting today.