Labor and Employment Law For Employers

Labor and Employment Law encompasses many fields of practice including employment discrimination, wrongful discharge, unemployment compensation, the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), union-based labor relations, health and safety concerns and more. Understanding how these fields interrelate is critical to providing employers with complete representation and quality defense.

  • Discrimination: Wilhelms Law, LLC is highly experienced in legal matters regarding discrimination due to race, sex, disability, age, religious practice, nationality and veteran status as they relate to labor and employment law for employers in Ohio and Michigan.
  • Workforce Reductions: Wilhelms Law, LLC works with employers planning for workforce reduction to ensure downsizing is handled with minimal risk exposure.
  • Disabilities: Wilhelms Law, LLC represents employer interests related to accessibility in the workplace, disability discrimination, supervisory issues and state and federal court claims.
  • Organized Labor: Organized labor law can be extremely complicated, time consuming and stressful for an employer. Wilhelms Law, LLC is qualified to represent employers in collective bargaining, labor relations disputes, labor policies disputes and issues related to union conduct.
  • Occupational Safety: Wilhelms Law, LLC represents employers involved in health and safety litigation concerning citations, penalties and abatements.

Wilhelms Law, LLC is located near Toledo, Ohio and represents employers throughout the states of Ohio and Michigan. Let’s talk about your employers’s specific labor and employment legal needs; call or email Wilhelms Law, LLC to schedule a meeting today.